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Interview with our cover model, Chloé Jo Davis

1.  Where do you live?

In New York City on the upper east side. 

2.  Kids' names and ages: 

Panther Britain and Freedom Midnight.  Panther is 2.5 and Freedom is 3 months old. 

3.  How did your second delivery differ from your first?   Did you feel more prepared?

Actually I think the second birth is almost scarier because you DO know what to expect.  I'm a clean teen in...

Barely Mary

Mary Apple's previous swimwear label named Barely Mary, for those who dared to wear crocheted mohair and blue

sheepskin bikinis adorned with crystals.

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Barely Mary in Vibe Magazine >

A New Beginning


We had to share the view from our new design studio with all the new and expecting moms and dads who helped us get here. As with lots of life, we weren’t so sure of the change. Where would we go? Would we be able to get the space we needed to grow and thrive? The answer is, yes, we did!

So many people in our area have lost their homes with Super Storm Sandy, so many people were forced into new beginnings that they didn’t want. We...

A Visit in Boulder: Bundle Baby Shop

 It’s not every day we get to visit the shops that stock our gowns, but this week one of us got on the road and got out to Boulder! One of Colorado’s little gems, Boulder is a place where local and green style get some serious love and so is the case with the lovely ladies of Bundle Diaper Service and Baby Shop.

The afternoon I went by Amanda who runs the...

A Pretty Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving I need to start with a big, heartfelt expression of gratitude to every woman who has worn our gowns, stocked them in her store or gifted them to her friend. I want to say thank you to every adorable husband who has supported his wife in her journey. To everyone who has asked us for help in sizing or given us new ideas, thank you for inspiring us never to settle.

You are a gift and you make us persist–you are the people who connect to our message, to our belief in the...