Hospital Wholesale

*Pretty Pushers offers 2 options for Hospitals*  

* Sell our Labor Gowns in your gift shop

*Offer our Patient Gowns in your L&D ward

For Wholesale Inquiries or to apply for a Wholesale Account contact: 

 L&D Nurses applaud Pretty Pushers over the unisex hospital gown

Pretty Pushers offers Delivery Gowns, Postpartum Underwear, and Nursing Pads to Hospitals and Birthing Centers for Resale.

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Doulas recommend Pretty Pushers birthing gowns for hospital delivery
Pretty Pushers on a birthing ball
Black Delivery Gown Pretty Pushers
Pretty Pushers at Northside Hospital Women's Center
C-section Customer in Black Labor Gown
New Mom and Newborn with Pretty Pushers