Doulas partner with Pretty Pushers to offer labor gowns to their clients. 

The spirit and encouragement of a doula is sometimes the most important component in a woman's delivery experience.
Doulas from all over the country have come to Pretty Pushers with love and support of our mission to empower women during birth.
They want to spread the word to their clients that each woman's birth is very personal hence she is entitled to her own plan.


                                         "If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it."

                                                                                                                          -Dr. John H. Kennell


                                                                                courtesy of Birth Conscious Doula 


Our Doula Partners  

Your Modern Doula 
Mama Told Me
Elemental Support
Blessed Hands Doula    
Divine Journey
A Sisters Touch 
New York Doula
Best OC Doula   
Mothering the Mother
Near to You Doula
Ordinary Miracles 
The Birth of a Doula
Cape Cod Doula
The Doulagrapher
OC Doula Collective
Natal to Nest
Chantal Doula
Doulas of Columbus
Debra Geymayr, CD, CLD, CPD
A Loving Embrace
Gulf Coast Doula 
Heart to Heart Doula

Healing Grace Childbirth Services


  If you are a doula and would like to offer Pretty Pushers labor gowns as either a gift or for sale to your clients, click here.  


Pretty Pushers products designed just for Doulas