Pretty Pushers Testimonials

Surrogate Birth Video

What a gift a surrogate pregnancy is!  

This sweet slideshow offers us a glimpse into the labor and delivery of a baby brought into the world by a surrogate mom.  In a Pretty Pushers labor gown, of course!  

"Thanks for making an awesome (affordable) product that makes laboring mamas feel a little less institutionalized"

You are so welcome, Laura!  Photography by Jessica Lynch Photography

Surrogacy birth in a Pretty Pushers...</p>

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Natural Labor and Delivery in the Hospital

Planning on an active labor?  Cover yourself where it counts!

movement during labor, easy skin to skin afterwards


Great for C-section recovery!

"Cute, Comfy, Easy for the breastpump and a must for a C-section"

Easy for pumping and great for Csection recovery

Pretty Pushers labor gown Review