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Not only for Labor and Delivery, but for home during Postpartum

review of Pretty Pushers labor gown
Better than the Hospital Gown
Real moms talk about what they prefer to wear for hospital birth

Mobility during Labor

Can you have IVs and fetal monitors attached during labor and still be mobile?  YES!  And Covered?  YES!

In a Pretty Pushers delivery gown, of course!  Expecting moms, fear the hospital gown no more - we've got you covered.

Charcoal Grey labor gown by Pretty Pushers

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We are inspired by the excitement on the faces of these expecting moms!  

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Pretty Pushers Ice Blue labor gown

Birth Plan out the window?

She put her labor gown on anyway and opted for the best birth she could have.


Labor and Delivery Gown prepared for birth

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Flashing back to this day almost 11 months ago. I had an extremely difficult pregnancy and at this point during labor I knew that my birth plan wasn't going to happen but I tried to keep some hope alive.
I just wanted to feel pretty so I wore my @prettypushers labor gown and applied my lipstick Read the article →

One for Birth, One for Breastfeeding

Your Pretty Pushers labor gown can be used for more than just birth!

Take advantage of this soft cotton Halter Neck dress for easy breastfeeding during postpartum and after.  

Pack 2 Pretty Pushers in your hospital bag - one for birth and one for breastfeeding postpartum