Pretty Pushers Testimonials

Comfort during Labor and Delivery

She said it...this Labor Gown is worth every penny!

comfort during birth is priceless

Best Thing I Packed in my Hospital Bag

Could the smartest thing we bring for hospital birth be a labor gown?  


best Hospital Bag item for birth

Hospitals know how bad their Hospital Gowns are

If a hospital staff member says they wouldn't give birth in a hospital gown, you shouldn't, either.

I dream of Coffee screen printed delivery gown

Shop this and other cute screen printed delivery gowns at

A Beautiful VBAC anyway

“Hello! I've been meaning to send this photo and share how much I absolutely loved my Pretty Pushers gown when I was in labor with my son, one year ago today. While my labor was long, and the uncertainties of being able to have a vbac were prevalent, I felt empowered and truly beautiful, while laboring in my gown. My son's birth story was a peaceful vbac after all. What a joy. Thanks for helping this momma feel great.
Plainfield, IL”.  VBAC in a pretty pushers labor gown

Craving cocktails during pregnancy?

We know the feeling!  So we printed them on a Delivery Gown for something more fun than the hospital gown!

Delivery Gown cosmos print by Pretty Pushers