Pretty Pushers Testimonials

Best Thing I Packed in my Hospital Bag

Could the smartest thing we bring for hospital birth be a labor gown?  


best Hospital Bag item for birth

Hospitals know how bad their Hospital Gowns are

If a hospital staff member says they wouldn't give birth in a hospital gown, you shouldn't, either.

I dream of Coffee screen printed delivery gown

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A Beautiful VBAC anyway

“Hello! I've been meaning to send this photo and share how much I absolutely loved my Pretty Pushers gown when I was in labor with my son, one year ago today. While my labor was long, and the uncertainties of being able to have a vbac were prevalent, I felt empowered and truly beautiful, while laboring in my gown. My son's birth story was a peaceful vbac after all. What a joy. Thanks for helping this momma feel great.
Plainfield, IL”.  VBAC in a pretty pushers labor gown

Craving cocktails during pregnancy?

We know the feeling!  So we printed them on a Delivery Gown for something more fun than the hospital gown!

Delivery Gown cosmos print by Pretty Pushers

How comfortable were you during your Prenatal visit?

If you didn't like wearing the unisex hospital gown during your prenatal exam, you definitely won't like wearing it during birth!

hospital gown prenatal visit