Pretty Pushers Testimonials

So much better than the Hospital Gown

She has been through birth before, and she knows she doesn't want to wear the hospital gown.

Newborn Photography in Pretty Pushers gown

Pretty Pushers new mom review

Labor/Delivery Gown

So many expecting moms ask "What should I pack in my hospital bag for birth?"  Just ask this mom, about to give birth - 

expecting mom in green pretty pusher

"...and yes, I bought a labor/delivery gown, and I don't regret it!"

Loved wearing my Pretty Pusher

The benefits of a halter neck during birth:

*  IV access

*  quick untie for skin-to-skin access

*  gown length adjustment (perfect for small women)

Tie neck halter labor gown


"I wish I had it for my other 3 births, as well..."

Even with birth #4, this mom knew she had to find something better than the hospital gown.

Birth of baby #4 in a Pretty Pusher

Laboring in my Gown

Wearing your own gown can truly make a difference in your birth experience!

Laboring in my own gown