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Packed Hospital Bag GIVEAWAY!

Packing your hospital bag for birth is fun, but it's even more fun when someone else does it for you!

See what Lynzy and Co packed for labor and delivery, her newborn, and her postpartum stay.  Then enter to win all of this great swag for yourself!

Look for Pretty Pushers on Prime Day!

Been wanting to pack your own gown for birth?  

Don't forget to check out Pretty Pushers on Amazon Prime Day - July 11th!  You'll be sure to find some great steals at a fraction of regular retail prices!  Why wear a Pretty Pusher instead of the hospital gown?

- You'll be covered during labor.  Even with fetal monitors and IVs in place, Pretty Pushers gowns are designed with openings in the right places, so you can still be covered where it counts if you decide to pace the halls or have...

Who should get your birth plan?

Think your hospital has the same birth plan as you?  

Think again.  They won't know what you want unless you tell them.  Still, our questions are...WHO should get this plan?  Just your OB or Midwife?  Or is there a way to get it to the L&D nurses?  And when?  During labor, a week before, or a month before?  Join this discussion to help new moms have their best birth.  And here's a great birth plan template to be considered:


Make your birth plan known


New! 'I Dream of Vino' print labor gown

Probably at the top of the pregnancy craving list for many women is wine.  

Well - if you can't drink it, at least you can wear it!  The new 'I Dream of Vino' labor gown by Pretty Pushers is a fun, lushy screen print on top of soft, rich burgundy cotton.  Available in One SIze and Plus Size, this is one time when spilled wine on your dress looks...appropriate.  Happy Labor and Delivery!

I Dream of Vino delivery gown

Upstate Birth and Baby Expo

If you are in the Greenville, SC area and either expecting a baby or looking for some family fun today, head to the Upstate Birth and Baby Expo from 10 - 5!  Complete with vendors like Well Nested Haute Mama Clemson School of Nursing and Parent Financial there are lots of giveaways of services and goodies like