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One Size and Plus Size Maternity

At a fraction of the cost during the Pretty Pushers grab bag sale!  Limit just 1 purchase per customer - just choose your size and get a surprise color labor gown in the mail!  (Free Shipping, too!)

Pretty Pushers Sample Sale on now

How one woman took control during her Labor

Birth Empowerment Starts with you - know your rights.

One woman's advice on how to wear what you want during labor.

A Birth Story

Induced, but Unmedicated

Birth story:
I was induced at 39w1d due to a history of precipitous labor, large baby and pph.
I really did not want to be induced, but it was necessary and medically responsible.
I got quite a few side eyes from the nurses when I walked in and proudly read off my birth plan: an induction without pain management. I knew how intense the contractions would be with an induction, as I was induced with Kyliana. Despite their initial judgements and probably laughing to themselves, they were incredibly supportive in my decision.
The pitocin began...

Pack your Hospital Bag

Ashley and Co. tells us why some of these things are better than the hospitals'.  Bring your own Delivery Gown, Socks, Robe, Blanket, and more.  Those from the hospital are likely...less than desirable!

Pretty Pushers Holiday Pop-Up Shop

If you are in or around New York City, pop into our Holiday Pop-Up Shop in the Garment District!

38 W 38th Street NYC

You can find something here for every woman on your list - pregnant or not.  Pretty Pushers is sharing this special space with a handbag designer who has hundreds of unique bags, wallets, and clutches in stock. 

Labor gowns are just $30 for the pregnant lady in your life.  And handbags start at just $45!  Also check out the stocking stuffer $3 jewelry bin!!!

Pretty Pushers holiday pop up shop NYC  Fancy Handbag...</p>

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