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A Pretty Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving I need to start with a big, heartfelt expression of gratitude to every woman who has worn our gowns, stocked them in her store or gifted them to her friend. I want to say thank you to every adorable husband who has supported his wife in her journey. To everyone who has asked us for help in sizing or given us new ideas, thank you for inspiring us never to settle.

You are a gift and you make us persist–you are the people who connect to our message, to our belief in the...

Giggle Guide Review

We’re proud to mention that another review is in! Here’s what they had to say:

“A trip to the hospital usually means two things: your wallet will be lighter and you get to wear that hospital gown. Most have been there: broken snaps or buttons, a wide open back that leaves nothing to the imagination, strings that go nowhere and the less-than-flattering fit. It’s even less comfortable for moms who are about to give birth.

Childbirth is not for the faint of heart; labor and delivery are tough even...

Meet Mary Apple

I’m a big fan of anyone willing to start their own business and do their own thing. Mary Apple, the woman behind Pretty Pushers has become a friend as well as my employer. You call Mary in the morning and she’s up at 5AM. She’s with the kids, working from home, making meals and yes, that coffee we love to share over meetings. Energetic, original and strong this is the woman I want you to meet.

Here’s a video from a recent trade show where Mary sported one of our faux pregnant bellies and got to meet another entrepreneurial mom....