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Meet Karen Leo, Real Life Mom

Karen Leo is a fellow West Village public school mom and artist.  Our children are the same age and our daughters both have pixie blonde hair.  We said "Hi" in the hallway, maybe a little chat or two on the playground, but I never had any idea that she was such a talented artist and just bursting with tactile creativity.  Then we went to her son's birthday party and realized that everything there was made by her...the cake, pinata, and even party favors were like sculptures. I asked Karen about her work and was finally introduced to her other

Real Life Moms Wear Pretty Pushers

Every woman giving birth is powerful. This week we found out that one of our gowns made it onto Kim Zolciak of the Bravo network wore a Pretty Pushers for her last baby. wow! She looked beautiful, and to us, more importantly, she looked comfortable. Dear Kim, we send our best for the good health of your family and all families welcoming little beings into the world!

When a woman with the following of Kim wears your product--it makes you feel really lucky. We want women to have a beautiful birth in a clean, 100%...

Today! GreenBaybeez and Pretty Pushers on Fox News 11

EPN Radio Interview

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"Mary Apple, CEO of Pretty Pushers, a company based in New York which manufactures and sells Labor Gowns for women during birth joins Enterprise Radio.

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Store Visit: Wee Babe in Brooklyn

Wee Babe is a baby boutique that outfits city moms with the smartest, stylish and durable items, and they carry Pretty Pushers!