See below for Pretty Pusher Gown sizing.

Pretty Pushers Delivery Gowns come in 2 convenient size offerings.  

One Size (2-16 pre-pregnancy) and Plus Size (18-26 pre-pregnancy)

NOTE:  Customer feedback research has shown that women over 5'9 in height and 160 lbs.  +  during pregnancy would find a better fit in terms of length in a Plus Size gown.  We recommend that women falling into that combined category move up to Plus Size, to make sure that the low-cut back falls where it should and that the bottom of the gown still provides ample coverage.

Pretty Pushers Transition Gowns are more defined in size, ranging from Small - 3XL.  

NOTE:  Customer Feedback Research shows that this gown fits slightly on the large side.  If you are undecided between two sizes, pick the smaller of the two.  


Pretty Pushers Postpartum Underwear are true-to-fit in pre-pregnancy sizes. 

NOTE:  We have allowed for pregnancy weight we know that if you were a size 6 before pregnancy, you aren't back to a 6 the day after you give birth. However, you would still most likely find the most comfortable fit in our size Medium underwear, meant for pre-pregnancy sizes 6-8