Meet Mary Apple

I’m a big fan of anyone willing to start their own business and do their own thing. Mary Apple, the woman behind Pretty Pushers has become a friend as well as my employer. You call Mary in the morning and she’s up at 5AM. She’s with the kids, working from home, making meals and yes, that coffee we love to share over meetings. Energetic, original and strong this is the woman I want you to meet.

Here’s a video from a recent trade show where Mary sported one of our faux pregnant bellies and got to meet another entrepreneurial mom. That red hair looks great in our new green gown, but more than that, I hope you can see and feel the dedication Mary has to sharing childbirth with thousands of women by empowering them to wear something clean, personal, functional and yes, pretty to deliver their most precious gifts, their babies.


I’ll be posting more videos of Mary meeting moms and healthcare professionals, talking about their inspirations, their views on birthing and so much more. And PLEASE ladies and dads, share your pictures, your birth stories or questions with us on our Facebook page! We’re listening!

~Mommyette, the PP Editor

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