A Pretty Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving I need to start with a big, heartfelt expression of gratitude to every woman who has worn our gowns, stocked them in her store or gifted them to her friend. I want to say thank you to every adorable husband who has supported his wife in her journey. To everyone who has asked us for help in sizing or given us new ideas, thank you for inspiring us never to settle.

You are a gift and you make us persist–you are the people who connect to our message, to our belief in the beauty of every woman’s gift of life and in her daily balancing of the practical world, with the inner world of hopes and dreams for the future. For each and every one of you, we’re thankful. You support local jobs. You support our local economy.

The next thing that comes to mind is the immense amount of gratitude I have for our neighbors, our friends and the other people who make our community run. When we lost power during Hurricane Sandy we were thankful for every worker enduring long hours of shift work to get us back to normal life. And we were plenty thankful for every person who sent a loving wish, or who had patience with our shipping process–we’ve never been under so much water, literally, as we were just a few weeks ago. To everyone who gave food, clothing, volunteered or simply sent prayers to our NYC area, thank you. Some families are still getting by with prayers today, their homes washed away along the New Jersey shore in the Rockaways or Staten Island. Thank you, America, for standing beside us.

Looking at the kids today, cheering over the football game, seeing the great sun shining outside–it’s all such a blessing. Life can be hard but it always gives us space to dream. We can dream anything. When we raise our kids we dream a dream of a better world and we put that dream into action. For the chance to be mothers, for the opportunity to snuggle and teach and get tired and do it all over again, for this we’re thankful.

Love, ~PP

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