Interview with our cover model, Chloé Jo Davis

1.  Where do you live?

In New York City on the upper east side. 

2.  Kids' names and ages: 

Panther Britain and Freedom Midnight.  Panther is 2.5 and Freedom is 3 months old. 

3.  How did your second delivery differ from your first?   Did you feel more prepared?

Actually I think the second birth is almost scarier because you DO know what to expect.  I'm a clean teen in all aspects of my life; attachment parenting, breastfeeding, no drinking/ drugs/ smoking, organic vegan diet.. but when it comes to birthing I've gone the conventional route (vaginally, but with pain meds) both times. I know my pain threshold and I also know natural birth is absolutely optimal. But I opted to use my drug card on those two auspicious days (and will continue to do so should we be so blessed to have more children).. so for me, the second birth was almost a pleasure once I got over the fear.  My OB/GYN is doctor Ellen Manos.  I've been seeing her since I was a teenager, so I supremely love, adore, and trust her.  Having a baby with her is like having the most brilliant, warm, loving, in-charge, capable Mother deliver your baby.   

4.  Explain the Girlie Girl Army empire and how you are able to keep growing it with 2 young boys at home.  When you own a brand, it's hard to find the 'off' switch.  Do you ever hit the switch, and if yes, then how?  

GirlieGirl Army is your Glamazon Guide to Green Living; a one-stop online resource for a ferociously progressive, urban-minded approach to cruelty-free living. We don't carry picket signs, we carry designer clutches. We don't preach, we polish. Our message is simple: You can live large and still make a positive impact. You can be eco-conscious and elegant. Our newsletter is packed with the what's-what and how-to on what some might glibly call "green living," but our bulletin ain't soaked in patchouli, and it's definitely not asking you to become some sort of hygiene-shunning hippie. We're here for the sake of providing the before-it's-current pulse of conscientious living, fresh and fierce to your Inbox weekly. It's by and for people who fancy fashion without the fiendishness of animal testing or skins, and who want to indulge and promote the best life possible, for both themselves, their pets, their stomachs, and their inner-circle.  200,000++ Monthly readers who die for our tips n' tricks! We have been featured everywhere from The New York Times to Jimmy Kimmel and celebs from Alicia Silverstone to Emily Deschanel have claimed us as a favorite website.
I obviously am not a millionairess, which I believe I could have been had I been more of a cutthroat type personality.  I'm all about sisterhood and DIY.. so I've DIY'ed my own little brand for almost 15 years.  I've had opportunities to have large investors come in to grow the company, but I chose not to because I didn't want to wake up every morning going "Oh shit, I owe Mr. X 500k."  I wasn't fearless enough, and I also didn't want my main goal to be selling the brand.  I wanted to keep GGA wholesome and unrestricted which it wouldn't be if there was a Mr. X behind us.  But truly, I sometimes work about an hour a day if I'm lucky raising 2 babies in diapers and 5 pets and taking care of the household.  I have good work days, but many are unproductive because my priority is my babies.  I want to make sure they are happy, laughing, held, fed, cuddled, and stimulated intellectually way before GGA is cared for.  GGA is sometimes a distant cousin who I adore, but don't see as often as I like.  When I do have time to focus on the work, the reach flourishes.  I'm lucky that so many women and men have been loyal readers for so many years so that I can miss a day of posting, but the newsletter comes out weekly and people devour it still.  I put stuff out into the universe that fascinates, excites, and infuriates me and I think that our mission has resonated with a lot of people.

5.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Good question!! It can go a million different ways, that's the way I roll!  I'd like us to pop out another baby or two, and maybe almost done with nursing (!?) I'd certainly like to write a book.  I have a few TV projects in development, but I'm not holding my breath on that after having filmed 3 tv shows for major cable networks over the years ;).  I'd like to start a business in the organic children's realm.  I have a bunch of project percolating for when the time allows.  Right now I'm still in newborn baby land.. just oohing and aahing over the glory of my two magnificent sons.  Hard to think very much else matters.

6.  Any tips for nursing mothers who work?  

All I can say is GODDESS BLESS YOU! I am a stay-at-home working Mom so it's really different.  I get to go nap with the newborn while the 2 year old is at school if I've been up all night nursing.  I know most working Moms don't have that luxury.  I think women who pump while at work are just incredible.  That commitment to giving your baby the absolute b(r)e(a)st is commendable. I have become a pro at getting a ton of work done on my iphone while nursing on the glider, or holding the baby on my lap nursing n' jiggling while typing one handed.  Or strapping the baby on in the carrier so I can have a dance party with Panther.  It's really all about hustling and triple tasking, right? 

Chloé Jo Davis
Founder/ Editor of GirlieGirl Army

GirlieGirl Army: Your Glamazon Guide to Green & Cruelty-Free Living

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