A New Beginning


We had to share the view from our new design studio with all the new and expecting moms and dads who helped us get here. As with lots of life, we weren’t so sure of the change. Where would we go? Would we be able to get the space we needed to grow and thrive? The answer is, yes, we did!

So many people in our area have lost their homes with Super Storm Sandy, so many people were forced into new beginnings that they didn’t want. We were incredibly lucky to have the time and space to make arrangements even though we had to go because our landlord was selling the building. Landlords give way more warning than storms and for this we can’t even explain how grateful we are.

For all you sweet mothers and fathers-to-be preparing for 2013 we wish you beautiful new beginnings. We wish you all the dreams of healthy and happy children coming true and enriching your lives and the strength to rise above whatever might threaten to get you down. A lot in the world is so unnerving and stressful, but these events can also give us a whole new view, a completely different window into the next possibility.

Lots of Love! ~PP

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