A Visit in Boulder: Bundle Baby Shop

 It’s not every day we get to visit the shops that stock our gowns, but this week one of us got on the road and got out to Boulder! One of Colorado’s little gems, Boulder is a place where local and green style get some serious love and so is the case with the lovely ladies of Bundle Diaper Service and Baby Shop.

The afternoon I went by Amanda who runs the store for owner Julie, was talking with a friend about ethical alternatives to paper plates while that amazing mountain light streamed in their front window and through their front door, which is adorned with a simple little card that reads on both sides “You look lovely today.”


I really enjoyed Amanda’s easy way and took some time to look around the store while she finished up with someone. Local products were EVERYWHERE, and so were sweet nursing bras made of bamboo and smart, practical books for Mamas. It’s easy to find locally made green products in this hotbed of creativity and entrepreneurship, still, the choices of Julie and Amanda made the small shop feel cozy and smart all at once. There were products from Monatana’s Grovia and some uber-stylish Chewbeads, also from New York like us!


I liked that Amanda said they stocked our gowns because the design was “Brilliant!” but there was lots of love to go around when I saw what an amazing system of diaper cleaning they had. Julie’s husband had designed it and he’s apparently pretty genius. They don’t pollute with harsh chemicals into the environment in the cleaning process, their heating is a proprietary system (we promised not to show) that is efficient and on top of it they run on wind power. Did I mention their delivery van runs on biodiesel? Did I mention Amanda was a professional ballroom dancer and instructor for 12 years before she joined the business? (so cool!)


I had a great visit. Who knew cloth diapers could be so inspiring? Of course, it’s not the business alone, it’s the people who make it that way and the relaxed chat we had as the sun went behind the mountains makes it easy to see why women stop by the shop and spend a little time just getting to know each other. A lot of good information gets shared at Bundle, about choosing new styles of diaper coverings as the babies get older and taking care of mother and baby’s skin, which is especially hard in a dry climate like this one. Amanda fielded some calls while I was there, including one from her son. Practice pick-ups were confirmed, busy life was moving on…time to say goodbye and let the woman get something done!    




If there’s something special about clean baby smell there’s something pretty special, too, about clean diapers stacked in lots of happy colors and in laundry bags with big tags bearing the names of the very little ones who wear them. (heart melts, right?)


If you’re in Boulder looking for an alternative to disposable diapers, give Amanda and Julie a nice, warm Hello! They might not show you the special back room where all the cleaning magic happens but you can check out the mom’s wall and find something you just might love to take home and you might get to have a great chat reminding you that yes, you are lovely, and you look it, too.


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