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In Her Own Time

Ever feel rushed? Like every day? Taking our time, doing it our way --that's how we want to live but it's not always how we actually live. Then we get to birth and everyone's staring at us, looking at our privates, scrutinizing us with clocks, rates and their own busy schedules. Everyone wants the baby now. Well, they can wait. In fact, they need to wait.



Patience is a virtue in the best of times, but it's priceless when dealing with our bodies in labor.

She Labored Her Way

I'm Unique, You're Unique

We can all recognize at least one time in our lives when we wanted to run with the "in-crowd" when our happiness revolved around fitting in. When a woman gives labor it's her time to dig deep and find her way to get through the difficulties, the pain and the potentially awkward moments of modern delivery. Some women do it with laughter and yoga balls, some do it with hypnobirths and dance sessions. Whether it's kicking and screaming or rocking out through the contractions, the path through pregnancy is a universal experience with infinite expressions. Each woman...

Use The Force

After many weeks of gestating baby the day starts to seem real. A big change has been brewing inside you and with a mix of excitement and so many other emotions, the delivery date nears and you prepare to greet this new person, this small, new life.

All week in the office we're getting ready for the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. We're bringing our gowns out in a big way to meet the buyers and tastemakers in our industry. We've grown, we've changed. We're entering a whole new...

You are a Birth Genius

Today we're honoring your genius and your body's genius. It is built for birth. It is built for delivering your baby safely. Not every birth goes according to plan. Everyday we hear a different story, learn of a different twist--things you never knew could go wrong happen all the time. Unwanted C-sections happen. Water births sometimes end up in the hospital, too. The point is not to shame ourselves. The point is to be kind to our bodies and to cherish our experiences because they are ours.

Life almost never goes exactly to plan and birth...