Use The Force

After many weeks of gestating baby the day starts to seem real. A big change has been brewing inside you and with a mix of excitement and so many other emotions, the delivery date nears and you prepare to greet this new person, this small, new life.

All week in the office we're getting ready for the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. We're bringing our gowns out in a big way to meet the buyers and tastemakers in our industry. We've grown, we've changed. We're entering a whole new chapter of our mission to bring empowered femininity to the delivery room. We love babies, but we loves mothers, too.

We believe women are born with jedi powers: keen intuition, strength and the flexibility make us graceful, teach us to work through the fear, the pain--the whatever it is that comes up. We believe in birth plans and informed consent and in letting nature express its wonders through us. We believe in using the force that keeps us all going as mothers, as women and not taking anything too seriously. 

Here's to growing our options and growing our voices. Here's to trusting and breathing. Here's to listening and waiting and delivering your baby and going through life knowing you're a jedi at heart and teaching your kids to be jedis, too.

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