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Use The Force

After many weeks of gestating baby the day starts to seem real. A big change has been brewing inside you and with a mix of excitement and so many other emotions, the delivery date nears and you prepare to greet this new person, this small, new life.

All week in the office we're getting ready for the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. We're bringing our gowns out in a big way to meet the buyers and tastemakers in our industry. We've grown, we've changed. We're entering a whole new...

You are a Birth Genius

Today we're honoring your genius and your body's genius. It is built for birth. It is built for delivering your baby safely. Not every birth goes according to plan. Everyday we hear a different story, learn of a different twist--things you never knew could go wrong happen all the time. Unwanted C-sections happen. Water births sometimes end up in the hospital, too. The point is not to shame ourselves. The point is to be kind to our bodies and to cherish our experiences because they are ours.

Life almost never goes exactly to plan and birth...

Love and Birth

It's the end of summer and now the beginning of fall. The kids are heading to school and the days are getting shorter. It's a time to think about all the great memories we had of swimming, biking and spending time at family gatherings. How great are grandparents??

Life moves on and seasons change. The thing we can count on? Love. Are you charting a course and feeling overwhelmed? Are you looking at the birth of your child and thinking "I'm not qualified to do this!!"

You're not alone. Look around you. Love is everywhere and you and your baby--...