You are a Birth Genius

Today we're honoring your genius and your body's genius. It is built for birth. It is built for delivering your baby safely. Not every birth goes according to plan. Everyday we hear a different story, learn of a different twist--things you never knew could go wrong happen all the time. Unwanted C-sections happen. Water births sometimes end up in the hospital, too. The point is not to shame ourselves. The point is to be kind to our bodies and to cherish our experiences because they are ours.

Life almost never goes exactly to plan and birth is definitely a part of life. It's also a part of the realm of small miracles. The girlfriend who makes you laugh, the amazing husband you didn't think you'd ever find who loves you even if you can't see your toes. Daily miracles are often so intense around the time of pregnancy and birth. Let's honor the miracle of birth by honoring ourselves. We are mothers, sisters, midwives and doulas. We are also doctors, husbands and brothers. We are a growing number of those who know and believe that life is serious and sometimes difficult so we keep each other close so when the going gets tough we can laugh, smile, and cry together if that's what we're feeling. As long as it's honest, and as long as we're honored, there's nothing that can stand in our way.

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