She Labored Her Way

At the ABC expo last month in Vegas, we finally got to put the face to the name of one of our favorite long-time clients, Sheryl Rayner of A Much Better Store.

Mary and Sheryl meet for the first time in the Pretty Pushers booth at ABC.  October 2013


She was gorgeous and glowing, and gave us the great news that she is expanding past her online empire to also open a brick and mortar store.  We began talking about why she started selling maternity, nursing, and baby products in the first place...and she referred to her own birth experience.  Just like my own experience inspired the Pretty Pushers labor gown.


Even the new display case is kid-proof!  Opening soon...A Much Better Way, 410 East Grand Ave. Beloit, WI 53511


From the Maternity Ward to “Hey grandpa! Come look at the placenta!”

Sheryl was brave enough to trade in the typical hospital birth for an unassisted home birth for her second child. Whether we act upon it or not, I think that many of us wonder "what it would be like" or "if I could do it".  I certainly battled with those questions after the birth of my first child.  In the end, I went back to the same hospital but a little bit smarter the second time.  I had the experience of one birth and a plan for the second.  

Sheryl went old skool and au naturale - loved her story! and says she'd do it again in a heartbeat! I highly recommend reading her experience of an unassisted home birth. It gives a great sense of her strength, humor and her close knit family. We really are so proud to have her be a part of Pretty Pushers!


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