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Made in NYC

We're so lucky to have our design studios and our manufacture here in New York and the surrounding area. We help people have jobs. We help people who sew, pack and deliver bring a better quality of life to their children. We hope other people find the supply chains they need to proudly say, "Made in America." This Friday there is a Made in NYC initiative on twitter and all over social media to promote Manufacturing Day on 10.04.13. Use the Hashtags #madeinNYC #HowItsMade and #MFGstory. You can visit...

Use The Force

After many weeks of gestating baby the day starts to seem real. A big change has been brewing inside you and with a mix of excitement and so many other emotions, the delivery date nears and you prepare to greet this new person, this small, new life.

All week in the office we're getting ready for the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. We're bringing our gowns out in a big way to meet the buyers and tastemakers in our industry. We've grown, we've changed. We're entering a whole new...

Kate Neckel joins with Pretty Pushers to launch Limited Edition Labor Gown series

Meet Mary Apple

I’m a big fan of anyone willing to start their own business and do their own thing. Mary Apple, the woman behind Pretty Pushers has become a friend as well as my employer. You call Mary in the morning and she’s up at 5AM. She’s with the kids, working from home, making meals and yes, that coffee we love to share over meetings. Energetic, original and strong this is the woman I want you to meet.

Here’s a video from a recent trade show where Mary sported one of our faux pregnant bellies and got to meet another entrepreneurial mom....