A single dress for Maternity, Birth, and Breastfeeding
Transition Gowns for Maternity, Birth, and Nursing

Transition Gowns for Maternity, Birth, and Nursing

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The most versatile garment Pretty Pushers has to offer - the Transition Gown takes you from Baby Bump to Birth to Breastfeeding

Combining form, function and fashion, the Transition Gown is three gowns in one as it can be worn as a maternity dress, labor and delivery gown and nursing dress.  While the original Pretty Pushers gowns are used for giving birth, the Transition Gown is reusable and transitions as you do through pregnancy, labor and post-delivery.  The gown adjusts to your ever changing body with Pretty Pushers’ unique design and is hospital approved.

Made with super-soft cotton jersey spandex, this go-to garment keeps your fashion sense intact while accommodating your pregnancy and post-baby figure.  There is a hidden frontal opening that provides access to fetal monitors, snaps for the epidural, and an open halter neck to allow for other IV’s during labor and delivery.  The cross wrap styling allows for immediate skin to skin access after birth and for breastfeeding.  It’s machine washable and durable, yet fashionable and chic.  

97% Cotton/ 3% Spandex, Made in the USA, Available in 3 color combos, Sizes S - XL

Maternity Dress

• Expands to fit contours at every stage of pregnancy
• Flattering silhouette

Labor and Delivery Gown

• Snaps completely down the back for epidural placement and to save the underside of the garment during birth or while in a birthing tub
• Hidden frontal opening for Electronic Fetal Monitors
• Halter top allows for quick IV placement if necessary
• Tie neck halter and cross-wrap top provide for immediate skin-to-skin after birth

Nursing Gown

• Cross-wrap top provides shape and support
• Accommodates discreet breastfeeding
• Snug fit holds nursing pads in place



    Transition Gowns for Maternity, Birth, and Nursing
    Camo print delivery gown by Pretty Pushers sizes S - XL
    Transition Gowns for Maternity, Birth, and Nursing