“Thanks for a great product that is reasonably priced. It’s a lovely idea and the packaging is so cute too. I am going for a home birth but want to be pretty and prepared for anything.”


Hollywood, FL



“My Pretty Pusher was a HUGE hit!!! The doctor asked for your card and all of the nurses were talking about the gown.  When nurses came in they were like - YOU are the one with the cool gown. It was amazing!! ”


New York, NY


“The gown was awesome to use! It was so comfortable. The first night I was there, I slept in the hospital gown, and it was always open in the back and hard to go to the bathroom in, the cables from the monitors were pulling up the gown. The next day when they induced me, I put your gown on and it was so much comfortable and practical. I got so many compliments on it!!!”

-Jen H.

New York, NY





“I put this picture on blast! No one could believe how good I looked, like I just came from a cocktail party in my little black dress! Thanks for a glamorous delivery Pretty Pushers”


New York, NY


“I really loved having a cute gown to wear that had all the access for personnel (monitor, epidural) and was cheap enough that I wasn't worried about getting it dirty.”


Naples, FL




“Even though I was 5 cm when we arrived at the hospital I was adamant about wearing my pretty pusher. I’m 5,11’ and wanted my butt covered :) while having contractions I was able to walk around, use the exercise ball and lean on my husband, without worrying about anything peeking out. I also felt stylish and all the nurses commented on how cool and practical it was.”


New York, NY



“I searched the market for a product line that met my clients’ needs. The Pretty Pushers maternity gowns provide a comfortable option to the traditional hospital gowns, while ensuring full coverage during the labor process. My clients love them!”

-Annie Scott, CBE, Lactation Support




“I am a birth doula and recently had a mom wear one of your gowns during her delivery. She ended up having an epidural and wore your gown the whole time. All the nurses and other moms on the floor kept saying how beautiful she looked.”

-Kathleen Wilson, CD

TLC Doula Group