Retail Policies

Pretty Pushers® Retail Policies


The following policies are set forth by Pretty Pushers, Inc. as a tool to protect the value of the brand’s products and its retail partners.

Pretty Pushers, Inc. reserves the right to decline to sell to any retailer who operates inconsistently with the enclosed.

  1. Pretty Pushers, Inc. sells only to retailers who intend to resell Pretty Pushers products at Manufacturers Advertised Price (See price list for MAP), both in-store and online.
  2. No Amazon, Ebay, or other 3rd party storefronts are authorized to sell Pretty Pushers products EXCEPT for those who have been approved to do so.
  3. Due to contracts in effect between Pretty Pushers, Inc. and its international distributors, no Amazon or Ebay sellers are permitted to sell Pretty Pushers products on International platforms without prior approval by Pretty Pushers, Inc. This includes all Exclusive Product Program participants. Pretty Pushers, Inc. polices the International Amazon marketplace regularly, and any retailers selling outside of the US without prior approval will risk their future buying rights and relationship with Pretty Pushers, Inc.
  4. All DBA storefronts must be disclosed to Pretty Pushers, Inc.
  5. In order to protect the way our products are presented to customers, Pretty Pushers products being sold on Amazon US are asked to ensure their Fulfillment by Amazon Settings > Repackaging settings are Disabled. Pretty Pushers, Inc. will send call tags for returned items and replace with new product in packaging.
  6. All Amazon listings must match EXACTLY to Pretty Pushers specifications. Upon payment of a purchase order, Pretty Pushers will send buyer the exact directions for listing each item. Pretty Pushers has spent tens of thousands $$ on man hours to troubleshoot issues with listings on Amazon.   It is essential for brand perception that all bullet points and descriptions fit Pretty Pushers exact criteria.


These policies are in effect for the initial order and all orders subsequent to the initial order placed with Pretty Pushers, Inc. Only Pretty Pushers, Inc. has permission to make changes to these policies, at which time all retailers will be notified.

*A free sample gown for display will be shipped with each brick and mortar store opening order. We feel that it is essential to show the consumer how these gowns hang on a mannequin, fit, and feel to the touch. Keep in mind, these display gowns are not meant for sale.

Pretty Pushers takes the concerns of its retail partners very seriously. These rules were generated based on the needs expressed by our retailers.
 If you have any further questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know! We look forward to a fruitful business relationship!


Mary Apple, CEO, Pretty Pushers, Inc.