Our Labor Gowns

Packing your hospital bag with your own Labor Gown?  Pack one that makes sense for birth!  This Labor and Delivery gown has openings in the right places to allow for fetal monitors, IVs, and epidural access...so that you don't have to be uncomfortable and exposed to accommodate these sometimes necessary accessories.


We say bring home your baby, not your labor laundry!  This is exactly why Pretty Pushers delivery gowns are 100% cotton and made with unfinished edges, no trim, and as few seams as possible.  Wash it if you want, but don't feel bad about wearing it once and disposing of it vs. expending gallons of hot water and harsh chemicals on cleaning it.  The pictures are what will last forever.  From cotton to cardboard, Pretty Pushers is helping to keep American mills alive by producing domestically.  Our packaging is recycled, recyclable, and PVC-free.  Made in the USA.