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You can now add your favorite Pretty Pushers labor gown to your Babylist Baby Shower Registry!  

Add a Pretty Pushers delivery gown to your Babylist registry

Want your friends to see your entire baby shower wishlist from multiple stores and brands?  Register at!  You can choose your favorite Pretty Pushers labor gown at and just click the pink 'ADD TO BABYLIST' button!  

Mother's Day gift guide

Don't forget the Mom-to-Be on Mother's Day!  

Leave the baby gear to the baby shower and treat her to something special for herself...a Labor Gown from Pretty Pushers!  There's a special discount code at this link:

Fetal Monitor access

Note to women preparing for birth:

The Unisex hospital gown has no opening for the fetal monitor so they will be pulling up your gown an awful lot :(  The pretty Pushers labor gown, however, provides easy access for the fetal monitor so you can keep your skirt on during labor :)  Get comfortable.  Get mobile.  It's your choice!

Pretty Pushers fetal monitor

The Butterfly Sleeve gown for maternity, labor, and nursing

Who wants to wear anything but soft stretchiness during pregnancy, labor, and nursing?

Be covered and comfortable with the Butterfly Sleeve Gown by Pretty Pushers! A full zip-down back, tie shoulder for quick skin to skin, a frontal opening for fetal monitors, and crossover top for breastfeeding make this the ultimate multi-use garment!

The Butterfly Sleeve labor gown is not just for labor and delivery

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