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Kate Neckel joins with Pretty Pushers to launch Limited Edition Labor Gown series

Eating for Breastfeeding: Expert Tips

If you are trying to shed any extra baby weight, remember that too few calories will negatively impact your milk production so weight loss needs to be slow. If you eat too little you’re also likely to miss some critical nutrients. As with pregnancy, your body prioritizes the baby so nutrients like folic acid will go to the baby first and your levels will drop. 

Summer Pregnancy and It's Awesome Blogs

Pregnancy and summer don't always go hand in hand. Yet, a lot of births take place late summer into fall. So, what' a lady to do, to keep her spirits up and her swelling down? Well, we'd like to recommend some of the blogs we know and love. 


Pregnant Chicken will have you laughing in no time flat. Her series of Awkward Pregnancy Photos will make you feel better about your own awkward moments of life with a bump. 

Girlie Girl Army is for the Glamazon inside all of us. You may not...

Real Life Moms Wear Pretty Pushers

Every woman giving birth is powerful. This week we found out that one of our gowns made it onto Kim Zolciak of the Bravo network wore a Pretty Pushers for her last baby. wow! She looked beautiful, and to us, more importantly, she looked comfortable. Dear Kim, we send our best for the good health of your family and all families welcoming little beings into the world!

When a woman with the following of Kim wears your product--it makes you feel really lucky. We want women to have a beautiful birth in a clean, 100%...