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Retailer Spotlight: The Orchid Nest

The Orchid Nest was founded in 2013 by Lorie McCoy, the co-founder of Amazing Births & Beyond.  Lorie has been educating and advocating for families in South Florida for more than a decade and has provided support at more than 800 births.  The focus of Lorie and her dedicated team is to inspire better birth through advocacy, education and support. She is also a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator,...

Dreaming Big

This is the month where everything kicks into high gear. The holidays are upon us, school and work are in full swing. The days get shorter and our nights get longer. We're taking some time to dream in our house. The kids dream of what they'll be when they get older now that Halloween has sparked their imaginations. Mama is dreaming her dreams, too.


In a city and in a world where everything seems to move so fast I've almost got whiplash, it's easy to get caught up in the business of raising the kids, making...

Saying "I've Got This"

All the small decisions, all the pushes and pulls to care for your baby according to other people's expectations or to "norms" begin to pile up and by the time delivery comes you're half sure you know what you're doing and half sure you should have read just one more book or attended just one more class or don't know what to think! Does any woman ever feel 100% ready for this birth, not your sister's or your mother's, not your first child's or maybe your third's but this birth, this unique moment that is happening now.

Real Life Moms Wear Pretty Pushers

Every woman giving birth is powerful. This week we found out that one of our gowns made it onto Kim Zolciak of the Bravo network wore a Pretty Pushers for her last baby. wow! She looked beautiful, and to us, more importantly, she looked comfortable. Dear Kim, we send our best for the good health of your family and all families welcoming little beings into the world!

When a woman with the following of Kim wears your product--it makes you feel really lucky. We want women to have a beautiful birth in a clean, 100%...