Saying "I've Got This"

All the small decisions, all the pushes and pulls to care for your baby according to other people's expectations or to "norms" begin to pile up and by the time delivery comes you're half sure you know what you're doing and half sure you should have read just one more book or attended just one more class or don't know what to think! Does any woman ever feel 100% ready for this birth, not your sister's or your mother's, not your first child's or maybe your third's but this birth, this unique moment that is happening now.

The answer is YES, you have got this. The answer is YES, you are ready. You are listening to your body and your baby's body. You are fully equipped to home birth, hospital birth or flying out of a plane birth if that's what you thought sounded like a good idea at the time. Let go of worry. Let go of the "should's" and be where you are right now because everything comes as it was meant to be and the reality is, you don't have to try so hard. Breathe, be and labor your own way at your time. We believe in you. You are ready. Kick, scream, curse or praise the world; you've got this and it is way more beautiful and you are way more beautiful than you ever realized.It's your gift, your journey. This is your labor and the first chance for your baby to say "Hi!" Trust and believe in your power.

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