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Birth Affirmations

Was there one line that went through your head over and over during birth?  Sometimes it's the line we planned, sometimes not.  Get 3 random Birth Affirmation cards with every order at throughout the month of September.  One of them might just end up being the words you breathe by!  Courtesy of Push Pack.

What to wear during birth - it matters

Why Clothing Matters in Labor

By Michal Klau-Stevens, The Birth Lady

 Did you know that one of the first important decisions you will make when you are admitted to the hospital when you are in labor is whether to wear the hospital gown they give you?

 It seems like such an inconsequential matter – to wear the hospital gown or to bring your own clothes to wear while laboring, but what you choose can change the course of your labor.

Hospital gowns have rich psychological meaning for patients and their caregivers. Hospital gowns bring to mind people who are sick,...

A Tale of Two Hospitals - part 2 - By Rachel Frier Carbonneau

Comparing two examples of hospital birth scenarios part 2 of 2 (read part 1 here

By Rachel Frier Carbonneau
Doula, Childbirth Educator, Wellness Coach


So, then, what difference does it make where you birth? What impact will it really have on your overall labor and birth experience?


A Tale of Two Hospitals by Rachel Frier Carbonneau

A Tale of Two Hospitals 
a 2- part Series
Doula, Childbirth Educator, Wellness Coach
Part 1 of 2
It was the best of births, it was the worst of births...