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New Patient Gown innovations at AWHONN 2016

Pretty Pushers will introduce 2 new Patient Gown styles from its Medical Division at the 2016 AWHONN conference in Grapevine TX from 

June 12 - 14th.

Offering new innovations and tiered pricing, see what upgrade fits your L&D ward in booth 1306.  

New Patient gown upgrades for L&D at AWHONN 2016




Prepare for the unexpected.  Know your rights, and know your hospital's protocol.  Educate yourself about all the ways a labor may unfold.  Then you may just get the birth you want!  

Preparing for birth 

What do doulas say?

Doulas have seen many birth scenarios.  The fast, the furious, the slow, the painful, the home, the hospital...all the while working within the setting chosen by the mother and likely with new doctors, nurses, and family members each time.  For a doula to say that she recommends Pretty Pushers labor gowns to her patients means a lot to us...because that means that she sees a positive experience and outcome when a mother wears it.  

A San Francisco doula gives her Pretty Pushers review

Cyber Monday at Pretty Pushers

Cyber Monday deal alert!   We know you have been a typical mom this weekend...thinking of everyone but yourself!  Well now we officially give you permission to spend a little of the $$ you've worked so hard to save over this weekend of shopping deals!  Think about yourself, for once!  Your birth will thank you!


A new Birth Story on Daily Bumps

Missy Lanning is a 2-time Pretty Pusher who inspires us with her strength when a long labor unexpectedly turns into a Csection.  Follow her throughout pregnancy, birth, and family moments that will surely bring smiles!