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Mother's Day gift guide

Don't forget the Mom-to-Be on Mother's Day!  

Leave the baby gear to the baby shower and treat her to something special for herself...a Labor Gown from Pretty Pushers!  There's a special discount code at this link:

Retailer Spotlight: Maternal Massage and More

Nestled in the iconic Soho neighborhood of NYC is a tranquil 2nd floor hideaway for pregnant bellies, backs, and feet.  Maternal Massage and More was opened by 

Janet Markovits as a professional upgrade to the typical preggo back rub you may find at other spas.  

"Unless they focus on Prenatal care, many spas won't even touch a pregnant woman in her 1st trimester," says Janet, who finds that her clientele most commonly come to her with back and hip pain during all three trimesters of pregnancy.  

Therapeutic massage during...

Giving back in NYC

We are lucky enough to be 1 block away from Baby Buggy, an awesome organization founded by Jessica Seinfeld  aimed at distributing donated gear to needy women and families all over the country.  


Pretty Pushers has donated labor gowns to the Nurse-Family program, through which Baby Buggy facilitates first-time mothers with in-home visits from a nurse throughout pregnancy and into the baby's infancy.  On the day of our drop-off, we got to ask a few questions to the very upbeat and hard-working staff.  The most surprising point to us was...


I was very fortunate to experience a joyous, high-energy pregnancy, and as a result, many moms and moms-to-be ask me what I did to stay on track. For infinite reasons, I recommend the following five bits of advice. What is so outstanding about making these purposeful dietary and lifestyle choices is that they can develop into a very powerful way to bond with your baby.

Breastfeeding Nutrition Tips

As part of our attitude of gratitude, we've gotten some guest blog posts from the nutritionists at CredibleCravings. To learn more about the Free gift we're giving to all website customers this month, click here.



Diet Tips to Keep in Mind while Breastfeeding

As the experts agree, “breast is best!” Moms who are able to breastfeed and choose to do so for at least the first few months can feel great knowing the are giving their little...