Retailer Spotlight: Maternal Massage and More

Nestled in the iconic Soho neighborhood of NYC is a tranquil 2nd floor hideaway for pregnant bellies, backs, and feet.  Maternal Massage and More was opened by 

Janet Markovits as a professional upgrade to the typical preggo back rub you may find at other spas.  

"Unless they focus on Prenatal care, many spas won't even touch a pregnant woman in her 1st trimester," says Janet, who finds that her clientele most commonly come to her with back and hip pain during all three trimesters of pregnancy.  

Therapeutic massage during labor and post-birth are just as important.  Janet also makes appointments to help naturally induce labor, as well as to teach pain relief techniques to the labor partner for when the time comes.  In the eight weeks following birth, massage can help speed the healing process after hemorrhoids or an episiotomy, reduce cellulite, and help with milk letdown.  Amazing!

Mary Apple and Janet Markovits in front of the Pretty Pushers display at Maternal Massage and More, Soho, New York City.


Maternal Massage and More has a second location in Brooklyn, and then in between appointments in these lovely lavender-smelling rooms, Janet organizes her monthly events at The Pregnant New Yorker.   She founded these gatherings to be hosted at choice spots around the city, including Babies R Us and Yummy Mummy. These are alternative health informational sessions for all-things pregnancy and baby, including Sleep Experts, Lactation Consultants, and Physical Therapists.  Attendees receive goody bags, freebies, and tons of helpful advice!


Janet says that the women she works with are savvy, they take care of themselves, and hungry to learn all they can about how to prepare for pregnancy and birth.  

"I find that my clients who purchase Pretty Pushers gowns are the ones who are going for a non-invasive hospital birth.  They are the ones who are planning to stay at home through contractions as long as possible, they are going to wear their own gown during labor, and they are going to try use the techniques they've learned here for pain management and focus."


One woman at a time, Janet is empowering birth experiences, as we just love that!


For appointments or more information, visit and


Maternal Massage and More

73 Spring Street

Suite 201

New York, NY 10012

(212) 533-3188




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