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Cap Sleeve Transition Gown Review by Ruby Stilettos

Our Cap Sleeve Transition Gown was recently reviewed on the Ruby Stilettos Blog by Christina Maki. Christina writes about all things from breastfeeding, baby wearing, and bed sharing to natural births, baby products and the like.  

In her review, she mentions the importance of choice in creating a positive birthing experience.  Having control of even the smallest aspect of your labor can have an impact! See what she says below:

"One of the most important things in creating a positive birth experience is having choices. It may seem like a little thing to bring your own delivery...

Retailer Spotlight: Maternal Massage and More

Nestled in the iconic Soho neighborhood of NYC is a tranquil 2nd floor hideaway for pregnant bellies, backs, and feet.  Maternal Massage and More was opened by 

Janet Markovits as a professional upgrade to the typical preggo back rub you may find at other spas.  

"Unless they focus on Prenatal care, many spas won't even touch a pregnant woman in her 1st trimester," says Janet, who finds that her clientele most commonly come to her with back and hip pain during all three trimesters of pregnancy.  

Therapeutic massage during...

Retailer Spotlight: The Orchid Nest

The Orchid Nest was founded in 2013 by Lorie McCoy, the co-founder of Amazing Births & Beyond.  Lorie has been educating and advocating for families in South Florida for more than a decade and has provided support at more than 800 births.  The focus of Lorie and her dedicated team is to inspire better birth through advocacy, education and support. She is also a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator,...