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Saying "I've Got This"

All the small decisions, all the pushes and pulls to care for your baby according to other people's expectations or to "norms" begin to pile up and by the time delivery comes you're half sure you know what you're doing and half sure you should have read just one more book or attended just one more class or don't know what to think! Does any woman ever feel 100% ready for this birth, not your sister's or your mother's, not your first child's or maybe your third's but this birth, this unique moment that is happening now.

I'm Unique, You're Unique

We can all recognize at least one time in our lives when we wanted to run with the "in-crowd" when our happiness revolved around fitting in. When a woman gives labor it's her time to dig deep and find her way to get through the difficulties, the pain and the potentially awkward moments of modern delivery. Some women do it with laughter and yoga balls, some do it with hypnobirths and dance sessions. Whether it's kicking and screaming or rocking out through the contractions, the path through pregnancy is a universal experience with infinite expressions. Each woman...