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One last thing for the Hospital Bag...

Don't forget about what you'll wear during labor and birth. 

It can make the difference in your ability to be mobile during contractions, in your choice to be covered or naked, and your ability to breastfeed or have skin to skin access after birth.  Yes, what you wear does matter.

most important item in your hospital bag for birth

Pretty Pushers labor gown Review

Awesome Pretty Pushers customer Review:  

Gabrielle's Favorite Things

May 13 at 7:15pm

That first photo after birth

Love in the eyes of a New Mom!  

That first picture after's everything!  This mom conquered labor in a Pretty Pushers 'I dream of Sushi' print delivery gown.  100% cotton, Made in the USA, what's not to love?

New Mom wears a Pretty Pushers delivery gown

Doulas are not just for home birth

The word Doula creates many conceptions - Home Birth, Natural Birth, Hippie...

But in fact Doula is a term for:

'a woman who is trained to provide support to women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth, and the period of time following the birth'

So in fact, a doula may be used in any way a pregnant woman chooses.  In this case, Read the article →

2nd time mom wants an improvement from the hospital gown

If you've worn the hospital gown for birth, you know the discomfort.  

This time around, this mama chooses a Pretty Pushers gown for mobility...specifically for side lunges during labor!  Her doula cheers her along.

Pretty Pushers customer and her Doula