Hospitals 2

Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, DE.

99% of births in America take place in Hospitals.  The nursing staff knows as well as we do that the unisex hospital gown isn't exactly condusive to most women's shape or even for the purpose of medical procedures during labor.  Many have recognized that not only are women more comfortable in a Pretty Pushers labor gown, but that the procedures are easier when the woman is wearing something that allows for them.  (Electronic Fetal Monitors, Epidural).  A more comfortable experience for mom is a more comfortable experience for everyone!   Sold both directly in the L&D ward such as the Birthing Suite at SMMC or in the gift shop such as Bella Luna Boutique at The Texas Children's Hospital,  these hospitals are striving to offer something better to their pregnant clientele while finding a new stream of revenue.