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New Birth Vlog from The Murrays

Can't get a sweeter Christmas Present than a baby girl!  Watch this birth story from The Murrays :

Congrats to this mama, who made her wishes known during labor and delivery!

Labor Gown Giveaway

Mainely Mama is packing her hospital bag...and she wants to pack yours, too!  Now thru December 27th, she is giving away maternity and baby goodies for expecting moms!  Enter now for your chance to win.

A new Birth Story on Daily Bumps

Missy Lanning is a 2-time Pretty Pusher who inspires us with her strength when a long labor unexpectedly turns into a Csection.  Follow her throughout pregnancy, birth, and family moments that will surely bring smiles!


Mama Gracie's display of Pretty Pushers

Labor and Delivery Gowns by Pretty Pushers at Mama Gracie's in Minneapolis!

Mama Gracie's is your one stop shop in Minneapolis for maternity and baby gear

What to wear during birth - it matters

Why Clothing Matters in Labor

By Michal Klau-Stevens, The Birth Lady

 Did you know that one of the first important decisions you will make when you are admitted to the hospital when you are in labor is whether to wear the hospital gown they give you?

 It seems like such an inconsequential matter – to wear the hospital gown or to bring your own clothes to wear while laboring, but what you choose can change the course of your labor.

Hospital gowns have rich psychological meaning for patients and their caregivers. Hospital gowns bring to mind people who are sick,...