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Every Birth Story is Special

This expecting mom was afraid that a labor induction would lead her away from the natural birth she wanted.  

Pretty Pusher and newborn

But in fact, despite the cervadil, pitocin, and epidural, she was able to stay calm and peacefully push out her baby boy in 30 minutes!  Her family and friends were nearby to welcome him to the world and all was fine in the end.  This reminds us to expect the unexpected, and that we can still embrace our own story, even if it happened differently from the first draft. 

Pretty Pushers birth photography


In Her Own Time

Ever feel rushed? Like every day? Taking our time, doing it our way --that's how we want to live but it's not always how we actually live. Then we get to birth and everyone's staring at us, looking at our privates, scrutinizing us with clocks, rates and their own busy schedules. Everyone wants the baby now. Well, they can wait. In fact, they need to wait.



Patience is a virtue in the best of times, but it's priceless when dealing with our bodies in labor.

Breastfeeding Nutrition Tips

As part of our attitude of gratitude, we've gotten some guest blog posts from the nutritionists at CredibleCravings. To learn more about the Free gift we're giving to all website customers this month, click here.



Diet Tips to Keep in Mind while Breastfeeding

As the experts agree, “breast is best!” Moms who are able to breastfeed and choose to do so for at least the first few months can feel great knowing the are giving their little...

Dreaming Big

This is the month where everything kicks into high gear. The holidays are upon us, school and work are in full swing. The days get shorter and our nights get longer. We're taking some time to dream in our house. The kids dream of what they'll be when they get older now that Halloween has sparked their imaginations. Mama is dreaming her dreams, too.


In a city and in a world where everything seems to move so fast I've almost got whiplash, it's easy to get caught up in the business of raising the kids, making...

Eating for Breastfeeding: Expert Tips

If you are trying to shed any extra baby weight, remember that too few calories will negatively impact your milk production so weight loss needs to be slow. If you eat too little you’re also likely to miss some critical nutrients. As with pregnancy, your body prioritizes the baby so nutrients like folic acid will go to the baby first and your levels will drop.