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Dreaming Big

This is the month where everything kicks into high gear. The holidays are upon us, school and work are in full swing. The days get shorter and our nights get longer. We're taking some time to dream in our house. The kids dream of what they'll be when they get older now that Halloween has sparked their imaginations. Mama is dreaming her dreams, too.


In a city and in a world where everything seems to move so fast I've almost got whiplash, it's easy to get caught up in the business of raising the kids, making...

Taking a ride with Rockaway Rises

Between juggling the kids and running this company, I very rarely take a happy hour off to catch up with girlfriends. However, I have also vowed not to let this Spring season pass without getting out to enjoy the lovely weather. So I had one of those 'girlfriend catch up' sessions just a few weeks ago and it was far from a sacrifice of family or work time!

Susanne was one of my first acquaintances in the dorms at Pratt Institute and one of the few that I've managed to stay in touch with since. She is from Breezy...

A Note to My Mom

Betsey, while pregnant with Mary 


This is the first Mother's Day, since I could put a pen to paper, that I'm not mailing you a card or gift or drawing from the kids.  You always saved them so well over the years.  I didn't inherit your voice, or your guitar skills, but I will at least work on keeping alive your regard for memories big and small.  We'll still make you a card this will be on the dining room table.   Should you feel like dropping by, pluck us a feather...

Meet Karen Leo, Real Life Mom

Karen Leo is a fellow West Village public school mom and artist.  Our children are the same age and our daughters both have pixie blonde hair.  We said "Hi" in the hallway, maybe a little chat or two on the playground, but I never had any idea that she was such a talented artist and just bursting with tactile creativity.  Then we went to her son's birthday party and realized that everything there was made by her...the cake, pinata, and even party favors were like sculptures. I asked Karen about her work and was finally introduced to her other