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Mother's Day gift guide

Don't forget the Mom-to-Be on Mother's Day!  

Leave the baby gear to the baby shower and treat her to something special for herself...a Labor Gown from Pretty Pushers!  There's a special discount code at this link:

A Pretty Pushers Mama Story

Yesterday on our dear friend Birth Without Fear's blog she shared a story of one of our own, a Pretty Pushers Mama! This is the story of our dear friend, Lisa Berger, President of Cranial Cradle

She relives her emotional, truly dramatic story as she tells us of her house being robbed, car stolen, having an emergency c-section, an emergency scar eruption, and a move to New York City all within a matter of days. In the end she is nothing but grateful for her wonderful baby and family!

Visit the

Cap Sleeve Transition Gown Review by Ruby Stilettos

Our Cap Sleeve Transition Gown was recently reviewed on the Ruby Stilettos Blog by Christina Maki. Christina writes about all things from breastfeeding, baby wearing, and bed sharing to natural births, baby products and the like.  

In her review, she mentions the importance of choice in creating a positive birthing experience.  Having control of even the smallest aspect of your labor can have an impact! See what she says below:

"One of the most important things in creating a positive birth experience is having choices. It may seem like a little thing to bring your own delivery...

Kate Neckel joins with Pretty Pushers to launch Limited Edition Labor Gown series

Taking a ride with Rockaway Rises

Between juggling the kids and running this company, I very rarely take a happy hour off to catch up with girlfriends. However, I have also vowed not to let this Spring season pass without getting out to enjoy the lovely weather. So I had one of those 'girlfriend catch up' sessions just a few weeks ago and it was far from a sacrifice of family or work time!

Susanne was one of my first acquaintances in the dorms at Pratt Institute and one of the few that I've managed to stay in touch with since. She is from Breezy...