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Mother's Day gift guide

Don't forget the Mom-to-Be on Mother's Day!  

Leave the baby gear to the baby shower and treat her to something special for herself...a Labor Gown from Pretty Pushers!  There's a special discount code at this link:

Fetal Monitor access

Note to women preparing for birth:

The Unisex hospital gown has no opening for the fetal monitor so they will be pulling up your gown an awful lot :(  The pretty Pushers labor gown, however, provides easy access for the fetal monitor so you can keep your skirt on during labor :)  Get comfortable.  Get mobile.  It's your choice!

Pretty Pushers fetal monitor

Winter Babies

Expecting a little Sagittarius or Capricorn?  Get your winter color fill with the new Ice Blue labor gown from Pretty Pushers.  New winter color labor gown from Pretty Pushers - Ice Blue

Support your local Businesses

It makes a difference to shop local!  We are so thankful to the retailers that support us.  By investing in Pretty Pushers, they are investing in the American economy.  #MadeintheUSA

Pretty Pushers proudly manufactures all products in the USA

What it means to be Made in the USA

Pretty Pushers products are Made in the USA.  That could mean a lot of different things, but to us, it means

*Having control over our manufacturing  

*Knowing the people who are making our products - we know their stories and their families

*We pay a premium.  American employees are not cheap.  For every dollar spent, we pay 20% on top for taxes and other fees that don't go to us or the employee

*We also pay other American corporations, labor, services, and freelancers.  We hire local bookkeepers and accountants to keep track of their hours, fees, and...