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Fetal Monitor access

Note to women preparing for birth:

The Unisex hospital gown has no opening for the fetal monitor so they will be pulling up your gown an awful lot :(  The pretty Pushers labor gown, however, provides easy access for the fetal monitor so you can keep your skirt on during labor :)  Get comfortable.  Get mobile.  It's your choice!

Pretty Pushers fetal monitor

Doula Recommended

Ask a Doula how important it is to bring your own clothes to birth in.

Winter Babies

Expecting a little Sagittarius or Capricorn?  Get your winter color fill with the new Ice Blue labor gown from Pretty Pushers.  New winter color labor gown from Pretty Pushers - Ice Blue

Daily Mom is giving away a Pretty Pushers labor gown

The Ruffle Labor and Delivery gown by Pretty Pushers is up for a giveaway from Daily Mom!  Throw in 2 packs of 100% cotton nursing pads, and your hospital bag is that much closer to being packed!

Tips for not pooping during labor - She Knows

Preparing for labor involves more than calling your doctor and packing a bag.  She Knows offers this article with great tips on what you can do BEFORE labor to, well, "go".  Our CEO Mary Apple adds to that with a concoction which was meant for inducing labor, but in fact had another use.  


In the end, the hospital staff has likely seen it all and they know how to get Sh*t out of the way!