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Fetal Monitor access

Note to women preparing for birth:

The Unisex hospital gown has no opening for the fetal monitor so they will be pulling up your gown an awful lot :(  The pretty Pushers labor gown, however, provides easy access for the fetal monitor so you can keep your skirt on during labor :)  Get comfortable.  Get mobile.  It's your choice!

Pretty Pushers fetal monitor

Doula Recommended

Ask a Doula how important it is to bring your own clothes to birth in.

New Patient Gown innovations at AWHONN 2016

Pretty Pushers will introduce 2 new Patient Gown styles from its Medical Division at the 2016 AWHONN conference in Grapevine TX from 

June 12 - 14th.

Offering new innovations and tiered pricing, see what upgrade fits your L&D ward in booth 1306.  

New Patient gown upgrades for L&D at AWHONN 2016