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Every Birth Story is Special

This expecting mom was afraid that a labor induction would lead her away from the natural birth she wanted.  

Pretty Pusher and newborn

But in fact, despite the cervadil, pitocin, and epidural, she was able to stay calm and peacefully push out her baby boy in 30 minutes!  Her family and friends were nearby to welcome him to the world and all was fine in the end.  This reminds us to expect the unexpected, and that we can still embrace our own story, even if it happened differently from the first draft. 

Pretty Pushers birth photography


A Pretty Pushers Mama Story

Yesterday on our dear friend Birth Without Fear's blog she shared a story of one of our own, a Pretty Pushers Mama! This is the story of our dear friend, Lisa Berger, President of Cranial Cradle

She relives her emotional, truly dramatic story as she tells us of her house being robbed, car stolen, having an emergency c-section, an emergency scar eruption, and a move to New York City all within a matter of days. In the end she is nothing but grateful for her wonderful baby and family!

Visit the

VBAC Waterbirth with Pretty Pushers

Watch how strong this beautiful momma is during her waterbirth! She was determined to get her VBAC and her loving family was there to support her. 

Isn't this amazing? Thank you Birthing Tree for sharing.


Giving back in NYC

We are lucky enough to be 1 block away from Baby Buggy, an awesome organization founded by Jessica Seinfeld  aimed at distributing donated gear to needy women and families all over the country.  


Pretty Pushers has donated labor gowns to the Nurse-Family program, through which Baby Buggy facilitates first-time mothers with in-home visits from a nurse throughout pregnancy and into the baby's infancy.  On the day of our drop-off, we got to ask a few questions to the very upbeat and hard-working staff.  The most surprising point to us was...

Love and Birth

It's the end of summer and now the beginning of fall. The kids are heading to school and the days are getting shorter. It's a time to think about all the great memories we had of swimming, biking and spending time at family gatherings. How great are grandparents??

Life moves on and seasons change. The thing we can count on? Love. Are you charting a course and feeling overwhelmed? Are you looking at the birth of your child and thinking "I'm not qualified to do this!!"

You're not alone. Look around you. Love is everywhere and you and your baby--...