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Workings Moms - what was your best-ever lateness excuse?

Let's face it - everyone has been late.  Fairy God Boss tells us what 30 employers hate to hear or at least what they'd rather hear.  

Pretty Pushers CEO Mary Apple chimes in with her own experience.

What have we learned from this article?  Some bosses are more lenient than others, but just don't be late very often.  And definitely don't use the same excuse twice!  

Pretty Pushers CEO Mary Apple talks Parenting

Can being a parent prepare you for being a CEO?

Pretty Pushers CEO Mary Apple thinks so!  Learning treasured traits like patience and acceptance of one's flaws are among the list of items that Mary talks with about in this interview:

Pretty Pushers CEO talks parenting with

Why female mentors are invaluable to women entrepreneurs

I am lucky enough to have 2 females on my board of directors who I consistently turn to for advice.  As a woman founder and CEO of a 
startup, I was faced with a lot of doubt (from both men and women) in the beginning because:
1.  I was young
2.  I am a woman
3.  I had a product that no one had ever heard of
In my first search for capital investment, I recall an older man telling me "I won't invest in you because you won't have...

Pretty Pushers CEO Mary Apple gets grilled by Today's Leading Women

"Don't wait until the timing is right.  There will always be pros and cons to every business decision.  Just do it."

-Mary Apple, CEO, Pretty Pushers, Inc.