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Attention NYC preggos!

One regret that we hear repeated again and again is “I wish I was more prepared for birth”.

Preparedness is education and power... go get some on October 3rd
💥. Our doula partner @chantal.traub will be there to offer priceless skills for the big day. There are a few spots left!  From strengthening your pelvic floor to breathing to can't hurt (pun intended) to have several labor and delivery scenarios in your back pocket for when the day comes.


Chantal Traub NYC...</p>

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Retailer Spotlight - Caribou Baby

Lucky new moms and moms to be in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn can walk into Caribou Baby on Driggs Ave for what feels like a hired concierge shopping experience.  The staff knows the customers, the customers' babies, the stories behind each product they stock, and the how-to for each one of their extensive baby carrier collection.  They even dedicate a YouTube channel to individual baby carrier how-to's!

 Alongside Pretty Pushers labor gowns, this boutique boasts other items picked from...