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Fetal Monitor access

Note to women preparing for birth:

The Unisex hospital gown has no opening for the fetal monitor so they will be pulling up your gown an awful lot :(  The pretty Pushers labor gown, however, provides easy access for the fetal monitor so you can keep your skirt on during labor :)  Get comfortable.  Get mobile.  It's your choice!

Pretty Pushers fetal monitor

One OBGYN says...

Who knows better than an OBGYN what birthing women need?  Dr. Lisa McLeod at New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital had a patient walk in with her Pretty Pusher and immediately praised it.

What an OBGYN said about her pregnant patient in a Pretty Pushers labor gown

Upstate Birth and Baby Expo

If you are in the Greenville, SC area and either expecting a baby or looking for some family fun today, head to the Upstate Birth and Baby Expo from 10 - 5!  Complete with vendors like Well Nested Haute Mama Clemson School of Nursing and Parent Financial there are lots of giveaways of services and goodies like