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Pack your Hospital Bag

Ashley and Co. tells us why some of these things are better than the hospitals'.  Bring your own Delivery Gown, Socks, Robe, Blanket, and more.  Those from the hospital are likely...less than desirable!

Baby Cubby brags about Pretty Pushers

The Baby Cubby has obviously done their homework on the products they sell.  A retailer of Pretty Pushers labor gowns, this one stop shop for mom and baby in Lindon, UT wants their followers to understand why the collection of products they've curated are so great!

Visit them in store:

71 South 1380 West
Suite #2
Lindon, UT 84042

or Online:

A letter to the Hospital Gown

Thinking about what you'd like to change for your next birth?  How about finding a hospital that recognizes you as a strong mother, not an ill patient?  Never be afraid to ask beforehand what choices you will have during labor and delivery.

Hospital Gown review

What to Wear for Labor and Delivery

The Birth Lady, Michal Klau-Stevens, discusses the importance of staying out of the hospital gown during birth.

The birth of Zelda

We have only just now found this...the birth video of Zelda from July 2014.  Glitter and Bubbles thank you for sharing!  It simply exudes happiness and love from this family and everyone surrounding them.  The moments that  Emily Hard Films  has captured here are so special.  

"Spiro and I made a decision that...