Patient Gowns created by Pretty Pushers are recognized in Healthcare Purchasing News

After enough hospitals asked for a Patient Gown, Pretty Pushers gave it to them!

Pretty Pushers has sold its boutique line of labor and delivery gowns to hospitals since 2010 - in gift shops, childbirth ed classes, and L&D ward tours.  It wasn't until 2015 that Pretty Pushers finally made the jump into the industrial-use Patient Gown market - after many nudges from hospital clients over the years.  Fabric sourcing, wash testing, and a different set of trade skills has proven to be quite an expensive endeavor, but Pretty Pushers is proud to finally say that we've got both bases covered.  

"Keeping the styles different enough that they don't cross-over is the key", says CEO Mary Apple regarding how they separate their markets.  Some moms prepare their hospital bag with items for themselves such as the Pretty Pushers labor gowns they find online or in boutiques.  Other moms still have a chance for an upgrade from the classic unisex ill-fitting hospital gown - if their chosen hospital has invested in Patient Gowns specific to women and labor and delivery, such as those that Pretty Pushers now offer.

"The hospital-grade patient gown of course still belongs to the hospital, so it won't be your own, but you'll be comfortable and covered - much more so than in the unisex frock."  

Healthcare Purchasing News published an article in this month's issue surrounding Patient Safetly, Comfort, and Compliance.  The Pretty Pushers patient gown made the list next to other smart efficient items for hospitals such as the Wayfinding app from Mobile Smith, patient tags from Centrak, Carewire's secure text messaging application, RxEob's health plan support, comfortable catheters (well, compared to the others) from PureWick, and patient convenience items from Cardinal Health.

patient gown style for labor and delivery released by Pretty Pushers in 2015

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